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RU National The Beat

Addiction in the Rustbelt and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: What’s the Link?

President Trump and Governor Christie Collaborate to Battle Drug Addiction

Healthcare Gets Stay of Execution: What’s Next for Addiction Treatment?

Purdue Researchers Face Funding Roadblock for Promising New Pain Treatment Compound

What Ben Affleck’s Recent Stint in Alcoholism Treatment Tells Us about Addiction

A Happy, Safe and Sober Saint Patrick’s Day

What Does the Republican Obamacare Alternative Mean for Addiction Treatment?

Israel Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

New Study Indicates Music May Be A Healthier High

What Impact Will China’s Fentanyl Ban Have?

PA Lawmakers Propose Compulsory Addiction Treatment

A Presidents-Day Look at How Recent Commanders-in-Chief Have Addressed Addiction in America

Venezuela VP Named as Drug Trafficker by Treasury

Opioid Addiction: The New American Reality

Six Important Things to Know about Dual-Diagnosis Disorder

Repeal by the Numbers: Where Will ACA Rollback Leave Thousands in Need of Treatment?

How Will Trump-Era Foreign Policy Impact International Drug Trafficking Cooperation?

Can Gene Variants Create More Targeted Opioid Addiction Treatment?

Are Regulatory Roadblocks Impeding Quality Addiction Treatment?

Keeping the Dream Alive: A Conversation with Singer/Songwriter Rob Tomlinson

Addiction Treatment Figures Prominently in Heated HHS Confirmation Hearings

Beyond The Founder: What Joan Kroc and the McDonald’s Brand Did for Addiction Treatment

Unpacking and Dispelling the Concept of Rock-Bottom

Spreading the Love: Talking with Songwriter Sal Annunziato

Retired Football Player’s Story Highlights Culture of Painkiller Abuse in Professional Sports

The Escalating Impact of Fentanyl

On Her Terms: A Conversation with Singer/Songwriter MB Padfield

Army Veteran’s Story Highlights Systemic Defects in VA’s Addiction Care Practices

What to Expect for Addiction Treatment in 2017

Second Chances: A Conversation with Songwriter Dan Carr

United States of Addiction: States Where Opiates Hit Hardest in 2015

Benzos: The Lesser-Discussed Prescription Addiction Threat

The Long-Term Impact of Florida’s Pill Mills

“Lost” Opioid Re-Emerges as Lethal Addiction Threat

Mehta Analysis: Talking with Musician and Recovery Advocate Raj Mehta

Decline In Mental Health Treatment Corresponds with Increased Suicide Rate

That’s Ms. Marci, to You: An In-Depth Chat with Blues Songwriter Marci Chevian-Hooper

In Observance of World AIDS Day

Tug of War: Marijuana’s 2016 Ballot Win Vs. An Incoming Trump Administration

The Current State of Florida's Struggle with Alcoholism

'Tis (Almost) the Season: Maintaining Recovery during the Holidays

Duval County Opens Sober High School

Into the Boyd: Talking with Philadelphia Songwriter Trip Boyd about Recovery, Music and Life

Naloxone Saves Lives: A Message from RU Medical Director Dr. David Kramer

State Medicaid Funding Changes to Encourage Addiction Counseling

Honoring Their Service and Recognizing Their Plight: RU Thanks Our Veterans

Where Does Our Next President Stand on Addiction and Treatment?

A Revelatory Conversation with Singer Kathy Pirkle

Medical Marijuana Legalization Once Again on Ballot in Florida

Let It In: Talking with Songwriter Brendon David Nielson about Music and Recovery

Supervised Injection Sites: Compassion or Complacency?

RU Newsletter Oct 16

Macklemore’s New Single “Drug Dealer” Takes Aim at Big Pharma

Insurance Giant Ends Pre-Authorization Requirement for Buprenorphine

“Moonlight” Film Takes Painfully Realistic Look at Crack Addiction

Head and the Heart’s Josiah Johnson “Doing Well” in Drug Treatment

Let Your Voice Be Heard: How Would YOU Help Our Leaders Fight Addiction in The United States?

Another Viral Video Highlight’s Heroin Addiction’s Collateral Damage to Families

Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Vacates Title to Enter Recovery

A Lesser-Discussed Threat: Synthetic Drugs and Their Impact

What Our “Guilty Pleasure” Songs Can Tell Us about Music Therapy

A Message Concerning Hurricane Matthew: Natural Disasters, Trauma and Substance Abuse

What Can Rosh Hashanah Teach Us about Music-Based Healing?

RU Talks Music-Based Healing with Premier Guitar Magazine

Recovery RockFest 2016 Invades Wilmington

Heartbreaking Overdose Video Further Humanizes Opiate Addiction Epidemic

How Much Will the First Presidential Debate Focus on Addiction?

“Warrior Mom’s” Journey Highlights Devastating Impact of Opioid Addiction on Families

President Obama Declares National Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week

The DSM’s Role in Defining Addiction

Horrific Viral Overdose Photos Shine Light on Children Affected by Addiction

In Observance of September 11…

Recovery Unplugged Celebrates National Recovery Month

Recovery Unplugged Observes International Overdose Awareness Day

Q and A with DMC: Recovery Unplugged Talks Addiction, Mental Illness and Music-Based Healing with Music Legend Darryl McDaniels

Heroin Laced with Elephant Sedatives Invading Cities in the United States

US Surgeon General Declares Opioid Addiction A National Crisis

What Can EDM Fans’ Brains Tell Us about Addiction?

Music Therapy Is Not Just for Musicians

Opioid Addiction Highlighted at First Night of 2016 DNC

Medicaid Cuts Suboxone Treatment in Maryland

RU Co-Founder Paul Pellinger Appears on New York’s Thunder 102 Radio

Senate to Vote on Landmark Opioid Prevention Package

The Special Plight of the Touring Musician in Recovery

2016 NAATP Conference Addresses “Ethics Crossroads” in Addiction Treatment

Examining the Relationship between Physicians and Pharma Companies

Patrick Kennedy Delivers Speech at Hope All Day Community Recovery Center

Nearly $1 Billion in Medicare Fraud Sheds Light on Addiction among Senior Citizens

Medication-Assisted Treatment: What You Need to Know

Recovery Unplugged Enters the Football Arena for June 11th Event

Remembering Our Addicted Veterans on Memorial Day

Win A Chance to Meet Zeds Dead While Supporting Face the Music Foundation

Recovery Unplugged Partners with Broward County Bar Association in New “Drink Responsibly” Campaign

Recovery Unplugged Attends Anderson Cooper Town Hall on Opioid Addiction

Examining the Impact of Addiction on Parents

Richie Supa’s Enemy Out Now on Recovery Unplugged Records

RU CEO Sits Down to Dinner with the Governor

Do We Have An Amnesia Problem When It Comes to Addiction?

Have We Eradicated Flakka?

Quality Therapies for Long-Term Recovery

Recognizing Addiction in A Child

RIP Prince: The World Mourns the Loss of a Musical Giant

The Evolution of Addiction’s Depiction in the Media and Popular Culture

Why Every Month Should be Alcoholism Awareness Month

Have We Cracked the Code of Juvenile Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

The Ghost of Timothy Leary: Researchers Suggest Using LSD to Treat Depression

Happy National Record Store Day from Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged Living it up at South By Southwest

Happy Birthday Richie Supa!

New Study Shows Effectiveness of Vivitrol to Treat Addiction

Easter Sunday

What Does New Relationship between US and Cuba Mean for Drug Trafficking?

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer supports Recovery Unplugged

Creative Expression - Addiction Professionals

7 Rappers That Struggle with Addiction

Trent Reznor's Recovery Help

Meet Carly Rae Jepsen - Charitybuzz

Inhalants: Not a Drug of the Past

Art Therapy Can Improve Drug Treatment Outcomes

TIM - Behind the Music

Starting the New Year Right Setting Goals In Drug Treatement

Addiction Perception – Then and Now

How To Get Through The Holidays Sober

The Narcan Debate

Scott Weiland: Former Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Dies at 48


Recovery Unplugged’s Tommy Gunz Wins Miami Coast 2 Coast

Candlebox Live at Recovery Unplugged

Richie Supa writes song for Amerian Idol Alum

Candlebox at Recovery Unplugged

Taking Time On Veterans Day

C.C. Sabathia opens up about his recovery

8 Celebritys that have been to treatment

What we are listening to - Recovery Music

Addiction Stigma and Understanding

R.U. Unplugged?  Recovery Interview: K.T.

Songwriting Contest Winner

Substance Abuse Study by Surgeon General

Unite To Face Addiction Rally

Meet the Judges: Johnny Mars

Meet the Judges - George Noriega

Songwriting Contest Phase 3

Meet the Judges:  Richie Supa

Recovery Unplugged Twitter Party!

Recovery Unplugged Songwriting Contest

CLE luncheon for the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association

TY Dolla $ign @ Recovery Unplugged

Being Sober At College

Music Heals and Influences Change

The New Guy Michael Panzeca

Candidates in New Hampshire Grilled About Addiction

Flexing for Dylan raising awareness in Cambridge, Minnesota

Rockin for Recovery: A Man and His Guitar - Plenary Session #NCAD2015

Self-esteem and Drug Rehab

Fed Up Rally and Unite to Face Addiction Rally Camping Trip

Open Mic Music

Sobriety – A Marathon

Too Little, Too Late For Drug Offenders?

CDC Releases Frightening Numbers about Heroin

Suboxone - Is it Obsolete?

Live at #IIBH2015:  Treating Young Adults

Powerful Messages by Richie Supa and His Son at Drug Court Graduation

Music in Recovery @ Recovery Unplugged

The Drug Czar and Forward Thinking

Drug Policies of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Alumni Events Weekend for Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center Starts Now

Alcoholics Anonymous for 80 years

Pulling the thread of Silk Road

What is Heroin?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Relapse

What is Flakka?

The Effects of Binge Drinking and Alcoholism

Recovery Unplugged is awarded JCAHO Accreditation!

Share Without Shame

Steven Tyler's New Track

The History of Addiction Treatment In the United States

A Fresh Look at Drug Treatment and Law

What is a Dissociative Disorder?

Life With 5 Monkies Supports Recovery Unplugged

Things to know about Drug Treatment

Recovery Unplugged - Raising The Bar

Alcohol Awareness Month

MusiCares Visits Recovery Unplugged

Music Therapy Makes the Difference

Tell Me I'm Alive - A Drug Recovery Song

Our Recovery Songs

Gratitude House “Black and Bling”  Gala

Drug Rehab Recovery Unplugged's David Mariano

Fighting Addiction With Music

Rappers in Recovery

New Year's Day - Songwriting Therapy

Face The Music - Scholarships for Drug Rehabilitation

Recovery Unplugged Supports Anthony's Act

Face The Music Day

Face The Music Family Festival

Recovery Unplugged's NCAD 15 Pleanry Speaker

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dion plays at Recovery Unplugged!

Recovery Unplugged Attends White House Substance Abuse Forum

Popular Fiddler Randi Fishenfeld plays at Recovery Unplugged

Songwriting Group - "Broken and Stoned"

Last House on the Block Scholarship: Meet Lauren

Broward Sheriffs Office Visits Recovery Unplugged with Werm and Terry Kirby

"Last House on the Block" Drug Rehab Scholarship w/ Recovery Unplugged

Steven Tyler Performs "Dream On" at Recovery Unplugged Drug Treatment Center

Pellinger testifies in high profile case involving alcoholism

Video: Steven Tyler performs "Amazing" at Recovery Unplugged

Steven Tyler Visits Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged Presents: Doug Tibbs

Senator Paul Strauss meets with Recovery Unplugged to discuss drug rehab innovations

Are you an "Almost Alcoholic?"

Paul's Top 3 Old School Hip Hop Songs

Sports Addiction

Long Term Sobriety

Five Truths about Alcohol Use

Addiction to Exercise or Body Building

The Role of Social Media Promoting Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction


The Dangers of Addiction and Pregnancy

Rehabilitation at Home

Eating Disorders

Strange Addictions

Leaving Rehabilitation Early

Medical Detox

Community Service as a Driver for Recovery

Molly: Not the girl next door

It's just college, right?

Physical Side Effects of Addiction

How to Help

The Benefits of Youth Activities for Preventing Addiction

Talking to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

The Signs of Alcohol Addiction

What are Bath Salts and Why are they Dangerous?

Yoga for Recovery

Warning Signs of a Drug Overdose

Goal Setting

Hereditary alcoholism, is it real?

The Role of Stress

Planning an Intervention

Is Addiction an Illness?

Continuing Treatment

Reading the Signs of Drug Addiction

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